MS Front Page - Uploading Files

Q.  How do I upload using FrontPage?

Note: unless you have a particular reason to work directly on your remote server files, we recommend that you develop the primary version of your FrontPage-based web site locally (on your hard drive), and publish your Web to Thelix's FrontPage server only when you're ready to put it online. The following directions assume a master copy of your web is kept on a local disk.

1. With FrontPage open, open the local copy of your web; File/Open Web from the menu.

2. Connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you're not
already online. 

3. Select File/Publish Web from the menu, and you'll see this dialog box:

4. Fill in your URL domain address.

5. Clicking on the Options tab allows you to publish all pages in the web or just the updated pages.

6. Click the Publish tab.

7. You will be prompted for user name and password.  Enter your Authoring User Name & Authoring Password.

8. Click the OK tab.

9. While FrontPage is publishing you will see this window:

10. When you get the confirmation message, below,  verify your web is  live & updated by clicking on the hyperlink, "Click here to view your published web site."

Your files are now public and can be accessed by anyone on the World Wide Web.

For technical support contact Microsoft at