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This package includes all the features presented in the Super Traffic package PLUS:
We will analyze your web site from the perspective of a search engine. Every element of your web page will be closely inspected, results in detailed instructions telling you where to make specific changes in your web page. We do not rely on the general guidelines published by the search engines .Our analyzing system is based on the research of thousands of top ranking web pages on the search engines, along with data taken live, in real time, from the top-ranking websites. We compiled this huge amount of data, combined with reverse analyzes of the search engines, into a sophisticated advisory system that is constantly updated by continuous research.
  • Get an edge over your competitors
    Query the search engines and take a look at the websites that are listed higher than your own. We will give you the ability to run a comparative analysis of a specific competitor's URL. We will provide you a side-by-side comparison, thus giving you the ability to see what your competitor has that you don't, or what you have that your competitor doesn't.
  • What do the instructions include?
    We will provide you with a detailed instructions of how to fully optimize your website, not leaving even one element that is meaningful for search engine untreated:
    General Properties
    General properties are the first barrier your web page must pass in order to be ranked higher. Web pages that fail this part, will not be considered for high positioning.

       General Properties
    1. Color text and background
    2. META Refresh Tag
    3. Frames
    4. Hidden Input Tags
    5. Uses Java/VB script
    6. Number of Hyperlinks on Page
    7. Number of Hyperlinks with Keyword
    8. Number of times keyword found within hyperlinks
    Page Elements
    The Page Elements plays crucial role in your web page's ranking. Each of your keywords is being analyzed separately with each of the Page Elements, using the Statistical Elements.

       Page Elements
    1. Page Title
    2. META Keywords
    3. META Description
    4. Page Heading
    5. URL Hyperlinks
    6. URL Hyperlink Text
    7. Image ALT Tags
    9. Page Body
    10. HyperLinks
    11. HyperLinks Text
    12. Content
      Statistic Elements
    1. Times Keyword Found
    2. Times Variant of Keyword Found
    3. Total Number of Words
    4. Keyword Weight
    5. Keyword Prominence
    6. Number of immediate Keyword repeats

    We will provide you with an exact score of your web page, for each of the properties, elements, keywords and the combination of all. The score is compared with the statistical data we have collected from thousands of highly ranked sites, along with the statistical data of your competitor. We use these scores to provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions of how to optimize your website.

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