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This package includes all the features presented in the High Traffic package PLUS:
  • Ranking performance
    We will provide you with a detailed report of how your website performs in the top search engines. We will crawl 100 results within each of the search engines, for each of your keywords, saving you hours of work.
    The ranking report will provide the following information about your site:
    Ranking Position - This is the first position found for the website according to the selected keyword, and the most likely to be clicked by the user.
    Ranking Page Number - As search engines display different amounts of results when a search is performed, we display the page number that the first result is found on. You may be number 35 on Yahoo, but that is still on the second result page, not the fourth.
    URL Count - This is the number of times the search engine finds a listing for your website within its indices. For some engines, the more times you are listed, the better your chances of showing well.
  • Link popularity
    Link popularity is a display of the number of times the search engine has a reference of other websites linking to yours.

    This can have an impact on your position in some search engines. When other websites list a link to yours, some engines find that to mean your site is more valuable and increase the possibility of you showing well. For those engines that provide this information, the higher the number the better.
    In the Extreme Traffic package you will learn how to increase these numbers as well.
  • Keywords research
    Choosing the right keywords for your website is an important part of Search Engine Optimization, as your goal is to increase the targeted traffic to your site. After choosing the right keywords, we will provide you with the important information of how many times people searched for your keywords and their variations last month in the top search engines. This will help you to choose keywords that people are actually using, as there is no point in choosing a keyword that nobody is searching for.

    For example, if one of your keywords is "limousine service ny", we will provide you with the following information:
    Count Keyword
    909 limousine service in ny
    841 ny limousine service
    421 ny airport limousine service
    327 limousine service ny
    You can learn from it that "limousine service ny" has been searched only 327 times during the last month in the top search engines, yet the keyword "limousine service in ny" has been used 909 times. That's almost 3 times more! So why not use "limousine service in ny", which means the same as "limousine service ny" yet has the potential of driving 3 times more traffic to your site.

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