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Sonic Medicine
Jocelyn Drainie - Owner - Feb 2007
What an interesting and intense project. I think I've ended up with a colorful and very informative website. I had no idea what to expect when we launched into this.
Thanks again for all your efforts.
Jocelyn D.
Pilateez.com Training Manual
Larissa Millis - Owner - Manual Design -- Aug 2006
Dear Sherry, thank you very much for all of you help.
The ones you brought by last night were great.....
Already they are being sold....
Your persistence and hard work are evident in this manual project.
Thank you.
PantyProm.com -- 2006 Released
August 2006 The site looks FABULOUS! GREAT WORK!
Tracy - Admin For You.ca
I'm loving the extra photos you have thrown in.
Jennifer The Nimble Assistant jennifer@thenimbleassistant.com
LondonHomeStaging.com -- 2006 Released
July 29 2006 London Free Press - Homes Section Article
StoningtonAccents.ca -- Nov 11 2005 Released
Heather Ringland - Owner The web-site looks perfect its exactly what l thought it would look like !!!!
l'm really happy with it!
Thank-you so much for doing everything you have done for me!
Nov. 14 2005 Pricing is reasonable for small Biz owners, I would refer Web Lite Designss
GreatBodyAt50.com -- Sept 10 2005 Released
Mary Desaulniers -Owner
Oct 11 2005
Great Website. Thank you for all the work you’ve put into it. What I appreciate most is Sherry’s willingness to incorporate new elements into her design and service. The layout is rich and stimulating. And I have already many comments about it being a site that you want to spend time in.

The website looks fabulous!!!

Minds-Eye-Photography.com -- Sept 9 2005 Re-Design Released
Natalee Rice -Owner
April 2007

Makes me look SOOOO good!
Reviewed by Photogal, 2007-04-09

I had something in my Mind's Eye for my website, and Sherry made it a REALITY...one better then I ever imagined!!!
EVERYONE comments on my site...not my photos! :)
If you are looking for good...look somewhere else...if you are looking for amazing...call WLD.
Natalee Rice
Mind's Eye Photography

Natalee Rice -Owner
July 2006

I can’t stop talking about how GREAT MY web designer Sherry is!  I get SO many compliments on my site being professional…eye catching and interesting.  Thank you SO much Sherry for all you do, it exceeds my every expectation that I had in mind.  The comment I get often is…I wish MY website was as cool as yours!

I refer you ALL the time…now, whether or not these people are calling…I am not sure…BUT…I do know…they won’t be fully happy until they do!

You ROCK Sherry!

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do…and that you ALWAYS go beyond expectations. 

Cheers, Natalee Rice, St. Thomas Wedding Photographer, Mind’s Eye Photography

Natalee Rice -Owner
Sept 2005
Hello Webmaster extraordinaire!
Wow, the site looks GREAT! 
Natalee Rice, Photographer
Wendy Kania -Owner
July 5, 2005
We are very pleased with the site.  Thanks for your quick turn around on it!

Best Regards,
Wendy Kania
Staged To Move.ca
July 29 2006 London Free Press - Homes Section Article

Catherine Brown - Owner

March 7 2006

I have received another client solely on how my website looks compared to my competition's, and also from when they Goggled "Staging, London" my company site pops UP. It looks neutral and calm which is how the home should look when it is Staged for sale so we must have the right image!

Catherine Brown - Owner

Aug. 19 2005

-Staged To Move will be featured in Christopher Clark's Page 3 column in the Business Monday in about 2 weeks!   I followed up on a call I made to him back in the spring, and after he looked at my website he agreed to feature my business.
-Last week a real estate agent gave her clients the name of both my competition and I, and let her decide who she was going to hire for Staging...after they looked at my website, they hired me.

June 20, 2005
Just visited the ‘Staged to Move’ website - it’s fabulous! Congratulations! Make sure to put that one in your portfolio.
Tiffany Roschkow
: Atmosphere Development www.atmospheredevelopment.com
Larissa Millis - Owner - Website

I have had many comments great comments about the site!!!!!!!!Thanks Larissa
Larissa Mills B.A. M.Ed.

Things are rolling and people love the site. Thanks a lot. Larissa - Sept 2005

Captured Moments.ca
Sabina - Operator Thank you very much for your Hardwork & Dedication to the Redesign of our Site.
The Mindful Body.ca
Mindy Willis - Owner

The Website is awesome. Thanks. I get compliments on it all the time. I just got one from my business mentor earl from Spikes. Thanks again, Min

Micheal Teal Email Subject: marvelous site mindy
Hello Mindy, I was Sailing the Vibrant Seascape of Imagination which is the world wide web when i washed ashore on your site. I found it to have great Mood and Depth. A Special Gift and Treasure to those that view its pages. It Resonates with Spirit and washes over you like a Cascading Waterfall. Well done. May you always Live a Life of Grace which Honors all Paths and all People... I enjoyed the Essence of Life within your pages.... From : The Ancient One

Renee Peers

That's Thoughtful!

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I was very impressed with the seminar email you sent out for The Mindful Body. I thought it was very well done. I am sure Mindy receives great business because of the work you do. Have a great day. (519) 649-2572 , reneepeers@thatsthoughtful.ca , www.thatsthoughtful.ca Strengthening Business Relationships.
Jane Forbes.ca
Jane Forbes - Owner Sherry, I just want to thank you for your efforts....I just received my first call this week from someone who was looking for designer on-line. This is the first one to come directly from the website. Thank you for setting up the meta tags!
I also referred you to...
CSSLondon.com - Compliance Safety Services London
Bill Bell
Sept 12.06
I just checked out my website I accessed it through Google . Impressive.
Bill Bell - Owner The site looks fantastic !
As the owner of Compliance and Safety Services London inc, I would like to thank you for the outstanding job that Weblite Designs did for me in the design of my website. Since it came on line, the business response has been tremendous. I was impressed by your willingness to work with me on the project and the speed of your response time to any question that I might have. The project was completed very quickly and to my complete satisfaction.
I have no reservations about recommending you to all of my business contacts and friends.
Thank you again
Bill Bell
Patisserie Nicole.ca
Nicole Arroyas - Owner Thank you
Heaven in a Handbasket
Colleen Grant - Owner Coming Soon
Site Visitor  
European Outdoorchef
Customer Service Dept. Thank you for all your hard work, it was worth sending you to Switzerland to meet with head office, thank you for the free advertising in The Mom & Caregiver, your dedication to helping the Canadian market grow is amazing. Web Lite Designs is truly more then just a web design company, you care about your clients and help with their success even after the web site is completed. Thank you

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