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What will save you time and money when you hire a Web Designer?
Get a head start on the research for your new Web Site
When your ready to start the process of having a web site designed. Review the Web Lite Designs - Web Site Development Questionnaire.
As you read through the questions, think of your product/service, target market, and how you envision your company.
Fill in what you can and this will get you started down the path of having your own company web site.
Once you have filled in what you can please scan / email / mail it back to us and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote.
If you would like to arrange a meeting to discus your web site vision please send us an email admin@weblitedesigns.com
Download the WLD questionnaire to get a head start on your Web Site Project
Web Site Development Questionnaire Word 96KB or PDF 33KB
Anti Spam Filter Solutions NEW
http://www.spamfighter.com/Product_Info.asp Spam Filter for Outlook and Express, Windows Mail and Servers
Email Set Up Help Files Junk Mail Filters Uploading Your Site

NEW Microsoft Outlook Email Account set up (PDF download 270KB)

Note: some Sympatico Users must use: outgoing server ( smtp8.sympatico.ca ) and ( DO NOT tick the authentication settings)

What is Junk Mail and How do I find it? NEW Uploading your site
  FTP - CuteFTP
Email POP Accounts    
Outlook Email Set Up    
Configuring Netscape Mail

New Google Check Out Options for selling online:


Download (PDF)

Download a copy in Adobe PDF format. You can open PDF files using Adobe Reader.
NEW - Microsoft Outlook - How TO:

Receive notifications when messages are delivered or read

Do one of the following:

To be notified about all messages

  • In Microsoft Outlook, on the Tools menu, click Options.
  • Click E-mail Options.
  • Click Tracking Options.
  • Select the Read receipt or the Delivery receipt check box.

To be notified about a single message

  • In Microsoft Word, in the message, click Options.
  • Under Voting and Tracking options, select the Request a delivery receipt for this message or the Request a read receipt for this message check box.

Making ZIP Files (Compressed Files) in One Click - To create a compressed file, either Control-click on the file and choose Create Archive (which is Apple-speak for "make a compressed ZIP file"). Or you can click on a file, then go to the Action menu (the button that looks like a gear up in the Finder window's toolbar), and choose Create Archive from there: Click Here



Click on Bolded title to read below topics:

How Do I Increase my Search Engine Ranking?

Search Engines can be submitted to for Free, or you can pay to have your Web Site Submitted, this is a long and time consuming process, We recommend hiring your web designer to provide this service.

What should I Provide my web designer with for Search Engine Submission?

General Information:

Website Title
Website Description
Website Description (for awards)
URL's of the site awards & reciprocal links page
Name of submitter
Age and Sex of submitter.
Email Addresses of submitter, webmaster, designer, graphic artist
Address, Phone, Fax and 800 Numbers
Organization Name, Contact Name and Contact email Address
Hours of operation and time zone (of the business)
Information about business products, services and prices.
Information about business payment policies (ie: online, visa, mc, etc)
Language of the Site
Username and Password (some sites create an account for you)
Popularity of Site (visits per day)
Name of your ISP
Information about the web server (type, software, etc)
When did the site come online? When will it go offline? How often is it updated?
Special comments about the submission.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language originally developed by Netscape to add interactivity and power to web documents. It is purely client side, and runs completely on the client's browser and computer.

Difference between Java & JavaScript?

Java is completely different from JavaScript- the former is a compiled language while the later is a scripting language.

What is DHTML?

DHTML is the embodiment of a combination of technologies- JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Through them a new level of interactivity is possible for the end user experience.
Phone Busters
There are many known scams, and new ones are invented every day. Check this website for a list and description of common scams (or "pitches"), plus some tips on how to avoid being caught in one, and who to report them too!

RSS / NEWS Feed Examples - a great way to improve your Search Engine Ranking - if your willing to have content that is not related to your own company and is changed automatically such as below - GO FOR IT! - Request WLD add an RSS to your website. other Layout Examples: Side Bar Click Here

More RSS Feeds : Click Here

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June 5th 2006


Have you ever wished you could see the text on a web page just a little bit bigger?  Perhaps the text is too big when you print a page and you’d like it smaller.  Here’s a way to change the size of the font (text) while you’re viewing.

You’ll need a scroll/wheel mouse for this. Press and hold the Ctrl key. Scroll down (or towards yourself) to enlarge the font size. Scroll up (or away from yourself) to reduce the font size.

Shortcut Keys



Ctrl + “wheel down”

Enlarge Font

Makes the font (text) size on a web page bigger.

Ctrl + “wheel up”

Reduce Font

Makes the font (text) size on a web page smaller.

More Tips Coming Soon

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